Write a review. Quality over quantity! M3 Naturals All Natural Deodorant with Magnesium, Green Tea and Aloe - Long-Lasting, Non-Toxic, Free of Aluminum, Baking Soda, Parabens, Sulfates and Gluten – For Men and Women - Vegan, Organic 2.5 oz Ingredients. These balms are both moisture absorbing and anti-bacterial, to keep you fresh and healthy all day long in a variety of scents for both men and women. About The Natural Deodorant Co. Deodorant Balm. And while it doesn’t last as long as the others, you won’t mind whipping it out a couple of times a day thanks to the rustic lemon yellow packaging. In 1988, residents of Camelford in Cornwall were exposed to high levels of aluminium in their drinking water when it became contaminated. However, regular deodorants contain a number of potentially harmful ingredients that could be absorbed by our skin. Some of the ingredients used in natural deodorants are listed below: If we had to pick just one of these products to recommend it would be Salt of the Earth Classic Natural Deodorant as it’s completely natural and free from harmful chemicals. The reason that aluminium in deodorants is a concern is that aluminium has been linked to Alzheimer’s and breast cancer. It’s definitely worth going bananas for! Reader's verdict: "I love the smell of the balm - it smells like banana sweets. It is natural, handmade in the UK, palm oil-free, vegan, and is sold in a glass jar. Most people use deodorant every day without thinking about exactly what they’re putting on their skin. Based in the UK, The Natural Deodorant Co., as the name suggests, focuses purely on creating long-lasting zero waste deodorants. Armpit sweating sucks, and finding a healthy solution is even more frustrating. Similar to The Natural Deodorant Co. Clean Deodorant Balm, this deodorant comes in a pot with a handy eco-spatula for ease of use so you can get just the right amount and without going digging around in the glass jar it comes in. Plus, the packaging is fully recyclable. Lume: The Deodorant … Plus it comes in several formulas, from spray to aerosol to stick. Required fields are marked *. Size: 7 x 1.2 oz. This quick drying formula doesn’t leave any stains on your clothes and won’t block your pores, and its use isn’t limited to under your arms! So you can do you, fully. However, it’s probably better to be safe than sorry, and avoid these ingredients wherever possible. M3 Naturals Natural Deodorant with Magnesium not only fights odor-causing bacteria, but it is also gentle on skin and helps to increase the level of natural magnesium in your body to help with day-to-day aches and pains. It is the active ingredient in antiperspirants that prevents you from sweating. However, antiperspirants also kill good bacteria, preventing them from keeping the odour-causing bacteria under control. If you’re worrying that a natural deodorant won’t be easy to apply, then worry no more! We offer many vegan & cruelty free products as well as a variety of aluminum free deodorants, fluoride free toothpastes, & soaps. Based in the UK, The Natural Deodorant Co., as the name suggests, focuses purely on creating long-lasting zero waste deodorants. Anti Cellulite Massage Oil & Lotion. Some people have said that less is definitely more when it comes to this product, as using too much can cause slight irritation of the skin. Natural Deodorant Spray for Men by Salt of the Earth, Pure Armour - Vegan, Long Lasting Protection, Leaping Bunny Approved, Made in the UK - 100 ml 4.4 out of 5 stars 2,634 £5.74 £ 5 . However, a 1985 study of 130 matched pairs of older people didn’t find a link between aluminium-containing antiperspirant use and Alzheimer’s disease, though the results were deemed inconclusive due to methodological problems. 100% natural, vegan + cruelty free natural deodorant balms. Like other deodorants from Salt of the Earth, this product works by applying a layer of natural mineral scents to your skin to fight odours. They do ship to the UK, and trust me - it’s worth the customs charge. amazon.com. This natural deodorant works by leaving a thin layer of the natural mineral salt on your skin, and whilst it allows your underarms to sweat naturally, it combats any nasty smells you may be struggling with. Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant, Lavender and SageWho says natural deodorant doesn’t smell as good … Kaolin and arrowroot powders absorb and neutralise sweat and odour whilst lemongrass, lavender and rosemary provide you with a fresh and uplifting fragrance. Aesop’s classic brown glass protects the product inside from UV rays, lessening the use of preservatives. If you’re looking for a simple yet powerful deodorant which beats even mainstream chemical deodorants, try … Alum stone keeps this miracle rollerball from feeling too wet, plus cannabis sativa seed oil and aloe soothe skin and combat underarm eczema. The activated charcoal neutralises odour and moisture, and spreads across skin easily with a dry touch. Made in the UK. £6.50 / 100g. Solid Deodorant . Delivery 7 days a week. Our underarms get shaved, scrubbed with harsh soap, and rub up against clothing all day, so the nourishing ingredients in this one work well as an overnight treatment that also keeps sweat under wraps. Deodorants do not stop you sweating, they just reduce body odour by using antibacterial compounds and fragrances. Corpus is a natural deodorant, and all deodorants are aluminum-free. More than 15,000 5 Star Reviews. Anti Cellulite Massage Oil & Lotion. The reason for this, is unlike traditional antiperspirants, natural deos don't contain the aluminium salts traditionally used to plug sweat glands and curb sweating. Other Products We Considered The BestReviews editorial team researches hundreds of products based on consumer reviews, brand quality, and value. Posting on her Instagram Stories, Fearne Cotton captioned a picture of this deodorant, “I love this stuff!” If it’s good enough for her, then it’s good enough for us: free of parabens, palm oil and preservatives, it’s also cruelty free and vegan. This deodorant works the same way as the previously mentioned products by Salt Of The Earth, by creating a thin barrier of natural mineral salts that allow your body to sweat without producing a strong unwanted odour. Antiperspirants, on the other hand, use pore-clogging aluminum to artificially reduce sweating. ... M3 Naturals. Tim Hortons reveals ambitious plans to open in 'every major city and town' in the UK within 2 years. Natural deodorants (also known as aluminum-free deodorants), on the other hand, contain no aluminum, so you still sweat, but the formula works to mask or neutralize body odor. If you’re looking for a simple yet powerful deodorant which beats even mainstream chemical deodorants, try this one by Salt of the Earth. In this deodorant, activated charcoal is used to help protect against odours. Will it actually work? Everybody has a different experience with natural deodorants, but most people who use them find that they work. Firstly, aluminium isn’t used in all deodorants. 5 great scents. Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, coconut oil, candelilla wax, arrowroot powder, MCT oil, pumpkinseed oil, shea butter, fragrance, rosemary leaf extract, carrot seed essential oil, tea tree essential oil, aloe vera leaf extract, vitamin e , aspen bark extract. However, these molecules are quite different to the aluminium chloride and aluminium chlorohydrate found in synthetic deodorants. Either use a tiny scoop from the jar (which lasts you for most of a year) or use their stick version. They’re gentler on your skin, better for the environment and will keep nasty smells at bay without blocking your pores. At Your Nature it also means no parabens, aluminium or any other toxins. For when you’re serious about smelling like yourself, but still need deodorant (because you’re human). This alcohol-free formula uses zinc, wasabi and sage leaf to combat bacteria with a earthy scent. Shop in store or online. This deodorant from British natural skincare company Green People uses organic aloe vera, chamomile, sandalwood and prebiotics to keep you smelling fresh without artificial chemicals. What more could you ask for in a deodorant? It’s free from aluminium and other potentially harmful ingredients. It’s the blank canvas for your favorite Eau. It is also 100% aluminium free and vegan. 9.0. All our deodorants are handcrafted, 100% vegan, not tested on animals, plastic-free, eco-conscious and fully recyclable. Thanks to the naturally antibacterial properties of potassium alum, your armpits will stay gorgeous all day long. Stylist’s beauty director Shannon Peter swears by this natural deodorant by Aurelia. The Best Natural Deodorant for Heavy Sweating. Lume's doctor-developed natural deodorants are aluminum free, hypoallergenic, baking soda free, and safe for sensitive skin with 72 hour protection for anywhere on your body. However, once you have the knack with this, you can go about your day knowing you’re smelling fresh as a daisy, with no white marks on your clothes and happy that no animals were harmed making this deodorant. It smells minty, herby and delicious and is just as powerful as its heavyweight drugstore equivalents.”. Cut down on waste whilst staying fresh with our natural deodorant stick refills. The fresh, rosy scent will have you sniffing your pits all day long! Don’t hate me, though - it’s only available in the US. Stop using deodorant, start using nuud: the all natural anti-odorant in a bioplastic sugarcane tube, 3-7 days effective, free shipping worldwide. Incredibly, it’s also free from a huge number of potentially harmful ingredients you’ll find in other deodorants such as parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulphate, harsh foaming agents, irritating emulsifiers, methylisothiazolinone (MI), and synthetic fragrances. Smarty Pits. While natural deodorants are often considered more eco-friendly than chemical-packed alternatives, they can still emit VOCs, contributing to our air pollution problem. Amazon Associates Disclaimer: Best Cruelty-Free Deodorants in the UK 1. Synthetic fragrances – Fragrances often contain phthalates, which increase the risk of miscarriage and gestational diabetes according to studies from the Harvard T.H. Salt of the Earth Classic Natural Deodorant. Natural deodorants cut out chemicals and do a great job, says Lucy Atkins The battle to smell fresh has raged for centuries.

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