I am also afraid that it will prevent me from getting secret or top secret clearance, and if I lie they'll find out and discharge me. Well, I wish he hadn't told me that. Saying anything now will definitely get you into shit, so your only hope now is that they don't find out during your investigation. I have pre existing conditions that are PDQ but I want to join the Navy and get a top secret clearance I dont have a problem with these conditions anymore,so should I keep my mouth shut? I know plenty of people who lied about stuff for their investigations. I'm just thinking even if I'm denied for a TS would that be favorable over being kicked out for fraudulent enlistment due to lying at MEPS. Now if you are going for a Top Secret, you have to go all the way back to your birth; your' parents and siblings backgrounds as well.. etc. Just make sure that your "failry" truthful in that and you should be fine. So, my recruiter basically told me to lie at MEPS about ever smoking weed. On the flip side, fraudulent enlistment is not normally pressed if a recruit volunteers the information early. For a top secret clearance they could go and talk to his old friends, and they could give him a lie detector test. Like many other situations, it’s the cover up that will get you into trouble. ... you're allowed to keep your secret clearance, then you have a good chance of getting a top secret. I'm about to join the Army, i got a 92 on the ASVAB and have been looking at doing an intel job that requires a tss...I smoked weed twice four years ago but i told MEPS that i have never done drugs. I told my recruiter that i had tried weed and i told him that i wanted to tell the truth but he insisted on me lying and I listened to him. What if you lied at meps that you have never been diagnoised with depression made it through and became a marine..and what if later down the road you wanted a different mos that required a top secret security clearance could the us government check your medical records and disqualify you from that specific mos and kick you out of the military? You shouldn't lie to MEPS about anything, trust me they will find out everything about you, it's like a federal background check. When I was at MEPS I told the lady that was processing me that I had been to Belize for a couple days on a cruise, and she didn't care at all. You would be a PRIME candidate to blackmail for secrets, because you would have a LOT to lose if the Marines found out from an "anonymous source" that you lied to enlist. So I’m sure it’s on a medical record somewhere. I’ve held a Secret security clearance now for 6 1/2 years… I can’t/don’t want to keep this in my upcoming investigation, and really want to continue serving. and what If I cancel my medical insurance and say I dont have a current medical doctor could they still find out? The sooner you report the required information, the less likely you will be held accountable for fraudulent enlistment. A MEPS doctor will review your application and medical history and recommend you for entrance to the military, or disqualify you based on your medical history. I'm heading back to meps to redo my physical and get the job i want, last time they did not have mine and I havent heard anything from them about … When you get to basic, you will do a shitload of paperwork. For a top secret clearance they could go and talk to his old friends, and they could give him a lie detector test. That should not be your concern and the fact that you asked twice is really telling. You have to get one! Your recruiter is dishonest and too lazy to complete the required waivers - you will need to tell someone else at MEPS.’. Honestly, every damn recruiter in the U.S. military has their recruits lie on their security clearance. Once granted, your clearance could be revoked if the military later discovers you lied when filling out the forms. That guy below was downvoted so idl if what he said was true. The suicide attempt will probably pop up as a police report or during other records/interviews. (MOS rating) On the verge of getting top of the line training and a Top Secret SCI clearance position that would have set him up nicely upon getting out of the Navy Chief (E7) at Meps asks him if there is anything he wants to confess, a last chance to be honest in case he lied about anything during … there done deal. The issues you discussed are not unusual and would probably be cleared (mitigated ) as part of the normal process — except if you lie on the SCA and especially to the investigator. Dude doesn’t need to be anywhere near a clearance. im 17 and shipping out july 23 2012. when i was 16 i was caught with a hypodermic syringe i left in my gym bag in school which i used for steroids ( took them only for a couple weeks to try it, i was stupid ). So can someone clarify this process. They'll call up the references you listed, but not much more than that. Recruiter told me to lie . I'm heading back to meps to redo my physical and get the job i want, last time they did not have mine and I havent heard anything from them about … There was some big spy back in the day who gave away all the ciphers for the entire Navy for like a decade.... Come clean now, throw your recruiter under the bus. just chill. They interview family members, employers, school teachers, friends, and they DIG. That said, I want nothing more than to serve my country and protect the liberties and freedom that are all too often taken for granted by us civilians. I lied about 2 suicide attempts and prescribed anti depressants. Thank you, sorry if this is rambling I'm just really panicking. Everyone I asked told me not to say anything about it so I didn't. My recruiter told me to lie, say nothing is wrong at all, and that nothing has ever happened to me in the past medically speaking, however, when i went to meps in december 2007, i found that i didn't really have to lie about anything and i didn't. Now I'm freaking out. ... Then, never mind the secret clearance -- you're lucky if they don't give you a dishonorable discharge right after you get in --- IF you even get that far. You might still have a problem but it’s no bigger than the problem you have now. Pending I earn the title, I am going out for intelligence, however I am now questioning whether or not I will be able to get the clearance for the job. Expect your medical health conditions to be closely analyzed if you are in a position that requires a lot of trust or advanced physical fitness. Again, it's all about your dreams but fuck everyone else right? I had adhd as a kid but I stopped taking meds for it almost 5 years ago. I was instructed by my recruiter to falsify and omit certain information namely: minor injuries broken arm (no surgery or pins), treatment for ADD when I was a child (it has since been four years or so since I was perscribed anything and six since I've taken anything. This was all before I was 18 years old. Ask the recruited about a charge I had for underage consumption. Along with me admitted to the physc hospital I smoked weed and it affected me very poorly. You guys definitely calmed my nerves. What happens when you get to RTC and you have a job that has a clearance? Press J to jump to the feed. Could you give us an update on what happened? Here is the essential information. I havent been declared mentally incompetent but since the first intent on suicide was under 18 they forced me to go to a psychiatric hospital for 11 days. Cookies help us deliver our Services. requires a security clearance. Come clean! A lot less than if you lied at MEPS, lied to OPM, and then get caught :) OK, seriously, I assume the question is about an SF-86 to get a security clearance. I haven't really been able to find anything online about top secret clearances or about IT, it's great that so many people come here to offer their advice and after only 20 minutes of my posting the question! They will go 2 steps removed for at least some people on the SF-86, basically to dig into information about drug use and undocumented foreign travel. pilot). You need to come clean as soon as the opportunity arises. You are 100% eligible for a waiver. There is a point very early in basic training where the point of no return is passed. I … I was just wondering if you were to bend the truth at meps to keep something on your medical record concealed to prevent an automatic DQ. Priority Tier 5 investigation = $5,696 . I was nervous about doing this because I'd rather be honest but he said he got a TS security clearance and it was no big deal and that there's no way they can find out. So, if you lie, you won't get your clearance, and will get a DD. I'm going to stick to my lie on this one and hope for the best. Tell the truth when they ask, I doubt they will care, you aren't still using are you? There needs to be far more discipline in that area but it will help to mitigate your issue. lied about medical at meps, navy jobs require top secret clearance. If anyone in your life knows about it, the investigator is likely to find out. A Top Secret Clearance with the ... be denied if you conceal information. I would just tell the people at MEPS. I would just tell the people at MEPS. MEPS and Top Secret Security Clearance? Okay, before I get started, I know that lying to MEPS is obviously the wrong and immoral thing to do. He qualified for Navy Cryptographic Technician and was guaranteed his Apprenticeship school. But eventually, you should come clean. my recruiter, like many others i am now learning, told me to lie about some medical stuff. It happened 12 years ago. “My recruiter told me to lie, ... DD Form 2807-2, or the Medical Pre-Screen form. Hello Marines, I have a bit of a problem. in reality, they don't dig THAT much into past relationships. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. i already know that lying is wrong, especially if it is to get into the military. AsparagusBerry. He qualified for Navy Cryptographic Technician and was guaranteed his Apprenticeship school. Here’s why. It’s the DoD that holds your clearance, not your branch and it’s the DoD that will be adjudicating your new clearance. If you are going for a TOP secret clearance a full background investigation will be done. I omitted information at MEPS. Nearly every recruiter will try to convince you to lie because they don't give a shit about you and they suffer zero repercussions when you get caught. Doesn't it depend on the initial enlistment contract? I don’t think that it’s hopeless though. Please read this very closely, because it is the most important thing anyone has ever told you about this subject. Everyone in the US Military, so everyone processing through a MEPs needs AT LEAST a secret clearance. If you agree, then you are a piece of shit. Now that you have already lied. Your branch has nothing to do with it. This will hold true with you your entire life. MEPS – Military Entrance Processing Station; The Delayed Entrance Program (DEP) ... honest people and will not tell you to lie about your background, but there are always stories of those that encourage recruits to leave out negative medical history or drug use. I'm really worried, I hate lying to begin with. I wanted to better myself and also get away/get distracted from my failed partnership. Recruiter told me to lie . Doesnt really matter since its all based on Need to Know. Hell, I did my original paperwork in MEPS when I first joined. I am going into the marines and have a contract to go to security school where you need a TS if you complete it. He was informed at that time that the FBI criminal background investigation discovered the juvenile felony conviction. It does not matter that the recruiter “told” you to lie. Oh and when you're at MEPS they're going to ask you about 10x or so if … That means the forms you fill out are just the beginning. The RCMP does not give lie-detector tests to employees undergoing top-level security screenings despite federal rules that require such examinations, The Canadian Press has learned. After MEPS I told the recruiter about the situation stated above, and he said the paperwork concerning drug use could not be changed, and to not worry about it because I was never arrested, it wasn’t in the last 45 days and they only care about if … Well, you already did it. I admit that I lied at MEPS, and want to know if 1)If going for a TS Clearance, they will check my medical records, and 2) If I talk to my recruiter and try and get a waiver for foot pain I had when I was 14 (I'm 17 now), can I get one? It will still go to my service branch and will most likely get me a fraudulent enlistment due to lying at meps? When I was at MEPS I told the lady that was processing me that I had been to Belize for a couple days on a cruise, and she didn't care at all. Now I'm freaking out. Should I keep my mouth shut at MEPS? However, with today's recruiting climate, waivers are not exactly being handed out the way they used to be. I used the drug one time and that was it. Lied at meps now need TS clearance - SECURITY CLEARANCE Q&A - ClearanceJobs Blog. DO NOT LIE on your SF86!!!! My job, IT, requires a top secret security clearance. Standard Tier 5 investigation used for Top Secret clearances = $5,188. They will overlook many things, but if they find out you lie to them, and they dig very deep for a TS, they will deny you very quickly. I lied about the fact that I had ear infections (idk why I did this I just figured they wouldn't find out). Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. Pretty sure you it will come up when you complete your SF86 either now or in the future. You did the right thing and many people who did get in, do lie at MEPS. Lv 4. What now? The job I want requires a top secret clearance. Top Secret Security Clearance? i went through meps last week and passed the physical but i lied about two things. If you lie about your previous drug use (even if there is no criminal record), and your military job/assignment (either now or a future assignment) requires a Top Secret clearance, the military CAN find out about it (see Security Clearance Secrets). stop worrying so much. Lied at MEPs about mental health history and drug history. Weed won't get your job taken away, but lying will. I plan on disclosing this information, and then returning back to this blog to let everyone know the outcome. If you can be mislead by a recruiter, how can you be trusted with secerts? Also, is it true you need to take a Poly as an IT? Some people seem to think that if they pick a job that only requires a secret security clearance, no one will ever find out about their lie because the background check won’t be as thorough. In the mMEPS they'll ask if you've had them...if they weren't a big deal I'd just be honest...for a top secret clearance they're gonna most likely find out anyways...my recruiter had me lie about a ticket I'd gotten right before going up, but I wasn't shooting for tsc 01-01-2013, 12:56 PM #45. zerab. With the debt levels thing, do they keep checking your credit report over and over until you receive your clearance or is it just the one time at MEPS? And to top it off, the applicant has not indicated any desire to marry her, which would help her gain U.S. citizenship, which might have helped mitigate the issue. These people would tell them that I was a huge pothead just to screw me over. Honesty is the BEST policy. You also committed enlist fraud. help!? I have a top secret security clearance. but DO NOT LIE ON YOUR SF86!!!!! The recruiter will say "I never told him/her not to tell the truth." Ok, so before I went to MEPS, my recruiter told me that they don't know what you don't tell them. Lied at MEPs about mental health history and drug history. It’s not a matter of “telling your branch”. You'll be fine. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. If you come clean, you only risk losing your clearance. Cannot stress enough. The investigators and adjudicators know that many recruiters will tell kids to lie filling out their forms. You will be DQ at MEPS because they have to. I'm heading back to meps to redo my physical and get the job i want, last time they did not have mine and I havent heard anything from them about … 1 decade ago. Let’s say even if I come clean I am still in the military wont they report that to the marine Corps and kick me out? This is why I love the reddit community. MEPS might not know it, but your security clearance investigator has a great shot of figuring it out. But not my 5 mph ticket as it was only 100$ or 80$ idk but they took it off my record and points due to it being my first offense and completing a course. This may be a stupid question, but when would the SF86 happen? It felt like a huge burden had been taken off my chest knowing I wasn't hiding anything. I was nervous about doing this because I'd rather be honest but he said he got a TS security clearance and it was no big deal and that there's no way they can find out. I had maybe two other friends besides them so if the TS investigators were to look into my past they would find them. I was just being a stupid teenager. What should I do tell the whole truth and not worry about them kicking me out or switch jobs now and not even try for a ts clearance. Shut the fuck up! the first is having scoliosis. i know alot of people lie at meps about past medical stuff and get away with it but my situation is different. This is where you provide your personal medical history to MEPS, the Military Entrance Processing Station. I want to join the Marine Corps, and join embassy duty. I received the go ahead for IT but have been FREAKING out about it. I'm going into the Navy for IT hopefully or MA and havent been told that either of them need top secret clearance. So, my recruiter basically told me to lie at MEPS about ever smoking weed. Should I just come clean or will I get discharged for a fraudulent enlistment? I had just gotten out of a highly toxic relationship with someone I had loved very much. Don't take that risk. Took a couple months for them to sort stuff out but in the end I was fine. I went to MEPS and lied about the fact that I had seen a psychologist. Could you possibly shed some light? Okay, i lied at MEPS about my medical history, over 10 years ago I had A.D.D. 0 5. When he told me not to tell MEPS, I told him I wasn't going to lie. I lied at meps. The branch also factors in the Speciality Code you are seeking, as some USAF jobs require top-secret security clearance or special qualification (i.e. You need to come clean, explain that you were misled, act contrite and show that you are older and more mature so that it won’t happen again. It’s better when you can explain it now, while you are young, and its a candor situation that you realize must be dealt with, then to lie about it, continue the situation, and it come out years later where you don’t have youth on your side and additional situations where you could have fessed up to it and it hurts you further. seriously. Not only is lying on the SCA (SF86) a crime - you also have fraudulent enlistment issues going on here. They will check your finances, military and police records as well as past acquaintances that you may have forgotten about. Individual recruiters are not authorized or qualified to make medical or legal determinations. Going to Mexico is not a big deal at all. What will they ask? I … No I haven't smoked for over a year. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I went to "A" school right beside IT's they have gray Secret badges while CT's have blue Top Secret. It's not about whether it was criminal - it's not criminal to go bankrupt, for instance, but if you lied about never having gone bankrupt and they found out you would almost certainly be … If they do find some random people to question (highly unlikely) then they will ask you about it, tell them those people don't like you and lie about you all the time. Show that you are trustworthy. Braces, hospital vists for the broken arm. I DEP'd in back in October of last year, and am set to ship in August. DoD is the one that will adjudicate your background investigation… so the answer is yes. Please read this very closely, because it is the most important thing anyone has ever told you about this subject.

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