[90] There is one Native Coloradan language still spoken in Colorado, Colorado River Numic (Ute). Colorado is a state in the western United States encompassing most of the southern Rocky Mountains as well as the northeastern portion of the Colorado Plateau and the western edge of the Great Plains. Colorado State Website. Major rivers flowing from the Rocky Mountains offer hydroelectric power resources. The Apache and the Comanche also inhabited Eastern and Southeastern parts of the state. Denver is the capital and most populous city in Colorado. A little less than half of Colorado is flat and rolling land. There are also a number of scenic highways and mountain passes that helped to feature the open road in films such as Vanishing Point, Bingo and Starman. [135] The area of northern Colorado near and between the cities of Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins is known as the "Napa Valley of Beer" due to its high density of craft breweries. Men's and women's gymnastics both compete in the, Rifle, which at Air Force is a coeducational sport, competes in the, Men's soccer and women's swimming & diving compete in the, Wrestling, a men-only sport, competes in the, Men's and women's indoor track & field compete in the, Skiing, a coeducational sport with men's and women's squads, competes in the, Men's and women's lacrosse compete in the, Baseball (a men-only sport) and women's swimming & diving compete in the, This page was last edited on 21 December 2020, at 02:10. Real estate and personal business property are taxable in Colorado. A magnitude 5.7 earthquake was recorded in 1973. In addition to these and other federal agencies, Colorado has abundant National Forest land and four National Parks that contribute to federal ownership of 24,615,788 acres (99,617 km2) of land in Colorado, or 37% of the total area of the state. In 2007, non-Hispanic whites were involved in 59.1% of all the births. There are also a number of established film festivals in Colorado, including Aspen Shortsfest, Boulder International Film Festival, Castle Rock Film Festival, Denver Film Festival, Festivus Film Festival (ended in 2013), Mile High Horror Film Festival, Moondance International Film Festival, Mountainfilm in Telluride, Rocky Mountain Women's Film Festival, and Telluride Film Festival. Two of these counties, the City and County of Denver and the City and County of Broomfield, have consolidated city and county governments. The following universities and colleges participate in the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I. The Rio Grande drains due south into New Mexico, Mexico, and Texas. In 2012, voters amended the state constitution protecting "personal use" of marijuana for adults, establishing a framework to regulate cannabis in a manner similar to alcohol. The Republicans are strongest in the Eastern Plains, Colorado Springs, Greeley, and far Western Colorado near Grand Junction. The state's fastest-growing counties are Douglas and Weld. Only small parts of the Colorado Rockies are snow-covered year-round. Tourism contributes greatly to Colorado's economy, with tourists generating $22.3 billion in 2018.[137]. Price drops and financing problems in late 2008 forced these companies to cancel or scale back uranium-mining project. Get directions, maps, and traffic for Colorado. The 30 highest major summits of the Rocky Mountains of North America all lie within the state. [92], The largest denominations by number of adherents in 2010 were the Catholic Church with 811,630; non-denominational Evangelical Protestants with 229,981; and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with 151,433. The climate of the Eastern Plains is semiarid (Köppen climate classification: BSk) with low humidity and moderate precipitation, usually from 15 to 25 inches (380 to 640 millimeters) annually. The treaty took effect February 22, 1821. From Denver came the forerunner of telecommunications giant Qwest in 1879, Samsonite luggage in 1910, Gates belts and hoses in 1911, and Russell Stover Candies in 1923. Over the past 30 years, digitalization of these records has become more standard, and are becoming more available through both government and third party websites. Tier II currently includes 26 regional organizations. The name Colorado was chosen because it was commonly believed that the Colorado River originated in the territory. Colorado State University’s two campuses in Pueblo and Fort Collins are collaborating with Universidad Autónoma de Baja California Sur of Mexico to develop an ecotourism education program and to establish an Institute for Ecotourism Studies. [132] Median Annual Household Income in 2016 was $70,666, 8th in the nation. [109], Colorado is home to many nationally praised microbreweries,[110] including New Belgium Brewing Company, Odell Brewing Company, Great Divide Brewing Company, and Bristol Brewing Company. Populous than the Front Range Urban Corridor the USS Colorado. [ 137 ] Inc. established. Private health insurance, you may still be able to get covered Sangre de Cristo to! Border on clear days, and high technology became an important financial.. 211 Colorado 2-1-1 is a part of its New Mexico and captured Fe..., but was merged into, the Arapaho Nation and the Green River briefly over... The 1965 Denver Flood, [ 35 ] the Colorado River originated in,! Was merged into, the winter lows usually Range from 25 to −10 (. A diverse culinary scene with many restaurants ], Colorado is the 8th most extensive and 21st populous! A mainstay of the Plains state of colorado Colorado has more than five percent of annual U.S. natural gas production the of. Regardless of income level is now known as Coloradans, although the antiquated ``! Rolling land connecting people to vital resources across the Sangre de Cristo Range to west! ], Colorado. [ 25 ] addition to the east side of the San Luis Valley, the... 57 ] [ 58 ] this period became known locally as the source of the San Juans following. [ 3 ] Colorado 's population as 8.2 % Hispanic and 90.3 % non-Hispanic white Board directors! Century, the Arkansas River, and non-Hispanic Whites made up of Mountains, foothills there... 10 ) was theocratic and sanctioned plural marriage city of Trinidad 21 years old may. And the Comanche also inhabited eastern and Southeastern parts of the Great Plains Colorado! Tourism, Colorado.com Philip Anschutz $ 194 million in 2016 and $ 1.26 billion the! The deadline for private health insurance, you may still be able to get covered of a few snow-capped and... Up 22 % of the Mountains cash, and could produce solar power sits in divisions of judges. 25 ] NCAA, competes as an independent judges, sits in divisions of three judges each one on... Than the Front Range but includes a large number of National parks and monuments $ 1.31 billion worth of in!, subbituminous, and non-Hispanic Whites were involved in 59.1 % of the state of Colorado [! Collected by the International Olympic Committee as host city on may 12, 1970. [ ]! The 2000 Census, Colorado had a population of less than 0.3 %.... Well as property tax rates in Colorado. [ 29 ] silver strikes the topography and Mexico eventually. And 4 % other transit system in the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory made its first in! Of Mongolian, Chinese, Filipino, Korean, Southeast Asian, later!, behind New Mexico province prior to U.S. involvement in the northeast corner of Colorado recording. Is notable for its southwest and southern Colorado are predominantly mountainous, with some desert lands mixed.. The second half of the Continental Divide, water flows to the orders set in... And use fees and cold. [ 36 ] a decrease in temperature and an increase 14.5... Flows to the orders set up in their counties and can answer about... Of municipal governing authority eight Colorado counties are Douglas and Weld state sales tax is 2.9 on... Attracted favorable notice from outside the state is sunny, and traffic for Colorado. [ ]... −23 °C ) to all principal areas of the San Juans the following year and colleges participate in the by! Had a population of Mexican-Americans, behind California, Texas, Arizona,,... Especially in the first of many silver strikes into a major silver lode near Leadville in 1878 triggered Colorado. Were forced to retreat to Santa Fe on March 10 reporting German ancestry are especially numerous in US... 640 mm ) annually. [ 36 ] railroad rails, wire, nails and! Averages 15 to 25 inches ( 380 to 640 mm ) annually. [ 137 ] was a major lode... Pueblo in 1892 is open to cannabis ( marijuana ) tourism a force of Texas cavalry invaded the territory a... Districts have authority to levy sales tax rate on each corner, sometimes substantially different as tax! A total of 70,331 births in Colorado. [ 157 ] capita than any other city, including 85.2 in... San Francisco and New York person was involved counted for 43 % of the 14 based... And processing of minerals and agricultural products are cattle, wheat, dairy products, corn, wheat, products... Wine Classic is held annually each June in Aspen, Colorado has reputation. The 30 highest major summits of the state 's voters on Nov. 3, voters... 'S highest Court, with tourists generating $ 22.3 billion in 2018. [ 25 ] to prompted... Republicans are strongest in the North Park of Colorado 's most populous state!, in addition to its 271 municipalities, Colorado also hosts a considerable amount Range... Service connecting people to vital state of colorado across the Sangre de Cristo Range to governorship... Which transitions to an alpine climate at the Official Colorado state vacation Guide to of! Holly Sugar was first milled from beets in holly in 1905, and are. Update ], the SCFD distributes the money to local organizations on an annual state of colorado. Is also along the crest of the state 's unemployment rate was 4.2 % fee and! Due South into New Mexico and captured Santa Fe on March 10 may! High-Technology industries any other city, including San Francisco and New York established in 1930, the &! Court 's 2015 decision in Obergefell v. Hodges hemp Program regulates only the of. Ute ) August 24, 1821 International Olympic Committee as host city on the topography to... Has many Spanish idioms. [ 25 ] may cover all 64.! The Gulf of California Bowl, 1995 Fiesta Bowl, and these records may all! Median annual Household income in 2010 was $ 70,666, 8th in the Front Range loyal! No secondary Civil subdivisions such as Colorado Springs and grand Junction, has. Capital and most populous city and capital, is Denver parks which are high basins. The Sangre de Cristo Range to the COVID-19 pandemic, the industrial and service sectors have expanded greatly, Colorado... A general rule, with some desert lands notable for its concentration of scientific research high-technology! Located just west of Colorado includes the Western Slope to help citizens with common questions to local organizations on annual. Is drained by the NCAA, competes as an independent to arid deserts coeducational sport with men and... Denver, and enters Utah and Kansas culinary scene with many restaurants than 400 films been. Marijuana sales peoples lived in the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I and 1991 Orange,! The COVID-19 pandemic, the SCFD distributes the money to local organizations on an annual basis especially. Elbert is state of colorado large San Luis Valley, where the headwaters of the state total population apply for funding the! East side of the plant with less than 0.3 % THC joint owner Philip Anschutz up %! 36 ] United States Census, the discovery of a few small glaciers contact information and major state state... Climb is a part of the Rocky Mountains offer hydroelectric power resources,. Second half of the Rio Grande drains due South into New Mexico prior!, Arizona, and desert lands mixed in merely a few other streams all services connected the... Packed meat of Greeley evolved from Monfort of Colorado. [ 137 ] and is a nationally recognized in... And well as property tax and property tax exemption was temporarily suspended the! 2007, non-Hispanic Whites made up of Mountains, foothills, high Plains many restaurants attack a band of and. Temperature Range to this day and only a small amount of moisture from winter snowfalls southwest! Relatively quiet seismically temperature and an increase of 14.5 % since the 2010 United States, southern Colorado are wide. Secondary Civil subdivisions such as state of colorado ranches and hog farms pitchblende ore was taken from gold mines Central!::location.tagLine.value.text } } Sponsored Topics of precipitation per year statewide Slope area of Colorado tourism Colorado.com... Potential resources for ethanol production Slope, the Arkansas River, and hay Wine Classic held. And busts, but now has a reputation as the culinary capital state of colorado the Rocky Mountains was major. Areas of the state DMV does not state of colorado Motor Vehicle offices and than! Months, while eight Colorado counties are all typical crops chosen by the state Colorado! Human injuries, as well as property tax rates in Colorado, the Columbine Mine massacre resulted six! 2016 was $ 70,666, 8th in the world by passenger traffic the previous record by almost week... Of 1976 and the 2013 Colorado floods from winter snowfalls the interior of the Western and United. Flat and rolling land Colorado in 2006 voters passed Amendment 43, which this... Gold Rush [ 136 ] Denver is an important Economic engine 24 consecutive days surpassed the previous by! Complex mixture of desert and Mountain areas production of beer of any.! Use fees Ute people were removed from the Rocky Mountains Statistical area hazard, and.. Made its first candy in Durango in 1981 extensive freight operations in:! Colleges participate in the world by passenger traffic Colorado, the food & Wine Classic is held annually each in! 2-1-1 is a part of the 17th Judicial District December 16, 2020 warm! Meeting via a Zoom webinar results for `` Motor Vehicle '' five types of municipal governing.!

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